The customs union

The Customs Union means an agreement between several countries on the simplification of customs clearance and making the uniform fees for other member countries.


The Union was established in 2010 and today it unites three countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


Simplified customs clearance makes all business processes to be more effective and also it accelerates thework of the customs services.


The customs union

The Customs Union operation principles


The new alliance makes legalization process much easier and allows selling goods in the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus by passing the customs clearance at the border of only one of the listed countries. After custom clearance, the goods are getting status of "Customs Union product" and can officially implement in any country of the Union.


For the companies Union creates special conditions: currently processing period of GTE (the cargo customs declaration) reduced to two days, and the custom duties and taxes can be paid in up to four months. Non-commercial goods that are transported in the baggageof private cars can be free from customs clearance and go through the "green corridor".

Customs clearance with the company CTS

The company CTS provides brokerage services for customs clearance for various purposes. Mainly, we register perishable food products which include vegetables, fruits etc. This kind of cargo especially needs fast registration and legalization in order to bemoved to the trading companies. A new Customs Union accelerates clearance of stuff so it can be effectively and quickly moved to the buyers in any of the listed three countries.

Thanks to the Union and common rules of customs clearance of goods on the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, our company has the ability to perform customs clearance services, reducing time of products legalization to the shortest time possible.