Customs clearance with CTS


Customs clearance is obligatory procedure for all trading goods crossing the border between the two countries. Any import or export goods have to pass customs clearance when they are crossing the border.


The company Custom Trade Service provides brokerage services and includes a full range of clearance for the trading and other goods. We make all the necessary documents and solve the issues on customs clearance on behalf of the customer.


Customs clearance stages:


1. In the first phase the transport goods must be positioned in the warehouse before customs clearance. During this time, all thenecessary documents for customs clearance should be prepared. While it’s done, customs officers check all the information by each product, consult the financial data and make sure of its authenticity.


2. In the second stage should be paid all duties and taxes.


3. At the final stage officers check all the documents once again for correctness. Once they approve all data, the truck with the goods should move from the place of temporary storage at the state border.

Customs clearance and logistics with the company CTS:

The company CTS organizes all export-import procedure. It makes:

- consultations for customs clearance;-analysis of primary documentation and preparation of all necessary papers;-goods classification and TE FEA codes input;

- signing documents confirming compliance with the technical, sanitary and environmental standards of the countries of the Customs Union;

- getting certificates of conformity for the goods;

-CTS company’s experts present in customs inspection and make photo notes of inspection process;


Calculations of customs taxes and mandatory fees for import and export cargo.


Logistics services in the territories of the Customs Union and in foreign countries.

The CTS Company provides full service for customs clearance issues. 


Representatives of the company are professionals in their fieldand have extensive experience in the field of customs clearance and transportation of goods. 


Excellent knowledge of laws and perfectskills in operations, provide assurance to our customers on release of the goods from the customs and the proper preparation of all documentation in shortest time.



The aim of our company is to release of goods from customs offices as soon as possible and to reduce financial costs of our customers.


Cooperating with the company Custom Trade Service, you can not to worry about any delays for the country border crossings. By choosing us, you can be confident that our company will solve all issues on border and will organize customs clearance and delivery of goods to customers in the shortest and legal way.