Simplified Customs Corridor

In 2008, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey signed an intergovernmental protocol on the simplification of customs procedures (FCS 01-12 / 0033).


Simplified Customs Corridor began operating September 18, 2008. This law is based on the principle of advanced electronic information exchange on incoming cargo at the border between custom services of Russia and Turkey.


The system of Simplified Customs Corridor allows to proceed with the necessary documents for the goods and to create better conditions for trade relations between the two countries.


Simplified Customs Corridor


Green Corridor


The same principle of "green corridor" is working between Russia and Turkey: information about the goods and cargo comes in advance to customs and processed faster. Thus, there is no need for the documents on truck confirming the passage of goods and that is why customs clearance proceeds much faster.


"Green Corridor" can take advantage of the approved lists SCC Turkish companies. Under the simplified system of customs clearance inspection procedures minimized and timing of clearance is reduced to a few days.

The company Custom Trade Service provides help for registration through Simplified Customs Corridor:


Consulting companies about Simplified Customs Corridor;


Creating a password in the system, where the cargo can be registered;


Makes verification of documents for conformation of the rules of Simplified Customs Corridor;


Makes packaging and labeling of goods;


Entering data into the system and the control preparation process of customs clearance;


Controls all of the logistics processes.

The company Custom Trade Service helps to carry out customs clearance of goods for export, observing all the international standards. Our specialists are ready to provide professional advice to companies which export goods and also to provide full service in clearance of cargoes through Simplified Custom Corridor.