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Customs clearance with the company CTS


Welcome to our web-site where you will learn all about export and import of the goods and about customs clearance procedure!

For many years, the company Custom Trade Service (CTS) provides services in customs clearance of goods coming from different countries to Russia and CIS countries.


The main direction of CTS company is export/import of perishable foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, etc.), as well as non-food items: batteries, air conditioners, fabrics and textiles.


Our company provides brokerage services for customs clearance of products and goods delivered by trucks and by sea from Asia,Africa, Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world.

The Customs Union


Port city of Novorossiysk

The Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus


The company CTS provides brokerage services for customs clearance for various purposes, including food products requiring specialfast entry into the country. A new Customs Union makes Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to be united and to accelerate legalization of the products. After customs clearance of the goods at the border in the countries – Union members products get the status of "Customs Union product" and can be officially implemented on the territory of any of the three listed countries.


Simplification of Customs Corridor


Between Belarus and Turkey, a special simple transfer of goods, in order to increase trade between the two countries as well as to prevent smuggling of goods. 


Under the new system of data entry, government customs authorities of both countries must receive information on available loads. Thus, the system of UGC promotes more reliable, competitive and legal trade.

Customs clearance in the port city of Novorossiysk


Custom Trade Service Company provides brokerage services in the port of Novorossiysk. We provide stevedoring services, loading / unloading of goods, packing of goods, measuring and counting. After the first stage of unloading goods coming by sea, our company produces custom clearance and subsequent forwarding of the goods to the buyer.

Customs Clearance Services from Custom Trade Service:



Initial consultation on customs clearance of various goods;


Analysis and evaluation of the documentation provided by the client for customs;


Checking of shipping documents and registration papers missing;


Classification of goods in accordance with the HS TC;


Taking part in the customs inspection and fotoopis screening process;


Calculation of customs payments and cost optimization;


Enabling the delivery of goods by our company in any country of the customs union;


Clearance at fair value, even if it is lower customs risks;

Preparation of documents certifying the conformity of products and goods and requirements for technical, sanitary and environmentalstandards established in the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. By such documentation include: certificates of conformity,declaration, certificate of state registration, and others;


Our experts professionally and quickly perform all phases of work, doing their best to design and production of documents from the customs control points in a given time frame.


quality and fast customs clearance, reducing material costs of our customers.